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SCOT Program

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The Students Consulting on Teaching (SCOT) Program employs well-trained students to provide insight and feedback about teaching and learning in your courses.

Students Consulting on Teaching (SCOT) Program

Would you like feedback on how you are doing in classroom, blended, or remote teaching? SCOTs can help. Especially during these challenging times, SCOTs are committed to contributing to the BYU learning experience in all its varied manifestations. They serve as excellent sources of objective student feedback, supplementing student evaluations and peer reviews.  

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SCOTs can serve in any of the following roles: 

  1. Recorder/Observer. The SCOT records, in writing, what went on in the classroom and gives the record to you. (Your SCOT may attend class virtually as a Zoom invitee.) SCOTs can offer feedback on recorded lectures, as well.  
  2. Faux Student. The SCOT takes notes as if he or she were a student in the class and returns the notes to you. 
  3. Class Video Recorder. The SCOT video records the class and creates a DVD or link. You may invite the SCOT to watch and discuss the video. 
  4. Interviewer. You step out of the classroom for 15 minutes while the SCOT conducts an interview with the class. The SCOT asks students to respond verbally and in writing to questions such as these: What helps your learning? What hinders your learning? What suggestions do you have? 
  5. Primed Student. The SCOT meets with you prior to class to receive instructions on what to watch for (e.g., How often are students getting involved in the discussion? Which activities are most engaging?) 
  6. Other. You ask the SCOT for feedback and suggestions about classroom activities or particular areas of interest. The SCOT can also assist with classroom research, reflective teaching, syllabus review, etc. 

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