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Live Remote Delivery

Classes will be conducted entirely in LIVE (synchronous) online sessions (using Zoom or similar tools) on the days and hours listed in the Class Schedule. Students will not attend class on campus.
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Students can feel disconnected even when you're talking to them. Find ways to help students connect with you and each other.

Live Remote Delivery

Similar to classroom instruction, the primary affordance of live remote delivery is interaction with the teacher and peers. Yet, one of the challenges of live remote delivery is that students (and teachers) still can feel disconnected from social interaction and less engaged. You can find ways to connect with students and help student connect with you and their peers at this link: Care for Students and Their Learning.

Special Considerations for Live Remote Delivery and COVID-19

Accommodating COVID-19 illness or quarantine. Due to the need to accommodate students’ possible inability to attend class due to COVID-19, it would be wise to consider ways to make live components of the course available online. You might anticipate the following accommodations (please click on the link for information and training on that topic):

  • Pre-recording lectures, demonstrations, etc.
  • Recording in-person classroom sessions
  • Granting extensions to due dates

Switching to online teaching after Thanksgiving break. All classes will be delivered fully online after the Thanksgiving break. You have already chosen live remote delivery so the transition should be seamless. As you consider what form your finals should take, you might be interested in the following: