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Embracing Divine Purpose in Education and Scholarship Spring Conference 2023

Recordings and materials from the Spring 2023 Conference of the Society for Embracing Divine Purpose in Education and Scholarship.

Society for Embracing Divine Purpose Spring 2023

Recordings and Materials

Welcome Richard Williams Opening Plenary: "False Facts" and True Doctrine

(WILK 3220) Steve Yanchar: Opportunistic Gospel Methodology in the Emergent Spaces of Classroom Interaction

(WILK 3222) Jason Carroll: “Building Bridges Between Revealed Truth and the World of Family Scholarship”

(WILK 3220) Jenet Erickson:
(WILK 3222) Lane Fischer: Fire in My Bones
(WILK 3224) Ed Gantt: Content and Process: One Christian’s Approach to Teaching Thinking about Psychology in the Light of the Restored Gospel
SFEDPIEAS Spring 2023 Conference: Ed Gantt

(WILK 3220) Kristin Hansen: Gospel Methodology: Changing Our Disciplines from Within a Gospel Framework
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SFETDPIEAS Spring 2023 Conference: Kristin Hansen

(WILK 3222) Ralph Hancock: The Restoration, the Liberal Arts, and the Challenge of a “Gospel Methodology”

(WILK 3224) Jim Faulconer

SFETDPIEAS Spring 2023 Conference: James Faulkner

(WILK 3220) Justin Dyer:

(WILK 3224) Closing Plenary Richard Swan: Epistemology or Ontology?
SFEDPIEAS Spring 2023 Conference: Richard Swan